Eco Lens

Eco Lens


Eco Lens Samsung powered Led Module

Best Selling
lumiere with a 4 year warranty

The Eco LENS 1W is powered by Samsung LED chips producing a cool white light at 9500k diodes (see colour temperature chart).

eco lens led module
eco lens warm white led module

Supplied in 50 modules per tray, very helpful for stock taking
 eco lens led module package tray


Low Profile Channel Letters
Medium to Large Channel Letters
Face or Halo illumination
Lightbox (slimline/mainframe/fret cut)
Architectural Cove Lighting

Additional Information:
IP68 protection allows installation in dusty, sub zero and wet environments without having any impact on the quality of light or long term reliability.

Technical Features:

SAMSUNG CHIP Cool White 9500k
Max. 50 Modules in any circuit

TAIWAN CHIP  Cool White 8000k, Warm White 3000k, Red, Green, Blue
Max. 50 Modules in any circuit

Reverse current protection
Long life  (typical 50,000 hours)
140° Light beam angle
Dimmable Technology

Eco LENS Samsung Chip 1W,  3 Diode:

eco lens samsung chip dimension

Eco Lens Taiwan Chip 0.72W, Cool White 8000k 3 Diode:

Eco Lens taiwain chip dimension

Eco Lens Taiwan Chip Warm White and Colours, 0.72W, 3 Diode:

eco lens warm white led module dimension

4 Year Warranty
(CE, UL Certified)

  • Operating Temp. Range -20 ~ + 60 Celsius
    Recommended Letter / Lightbox Depth Minimum 80mm Maximum 200mm
    Colour Temperature (K) Samsung Chip 9500k Taiwan Chip 8000K
    LED Chip Samsung 1W or Taiwan 0.72W
    No. Diodes per Module 3
    Flux (lm) 58
    Efficiency (lumen per watt) 80lm / 1W
    Dimension L x W x H mm 72 x 17 x 8.4mm
    Wire Length (in between modules) 114mm
    Light Angle Range 140
    Weight 10g
    Voltage 12v
    Module Power / Current Samsung 1W 100mA Taiwan 0.72W 0.6mA
    Max. No. Modules per Chain 50
    Typical Lifespan (Hours) 50000
    IP (Protection) IP68
    Warranty (Years) 4
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