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AMC LENS LED Module - 7 Year warranty

AMC Lens LED Module

AMC 3 LED Technical

Premium lumiere with a 7 year warranty
The AMC LENS uses 3 x 8000K diodes manufactured by LG Innotek. This Lens module will project "diffused" light at a wider angle of 150°. This unique feature allows bright illumination of low profile 3D channel letters and shallow light boxes. AMC LENS is especially suited for "halo illumination". While other LED modules will create "hot spots" of light, AMC LENS will create more natural looking halos by diffusing light.

The light produced from this module is "Cool White" (see colour temperature chart).

Medium to large size 3D channel letters
Face or Halo illumination
Lightbox (slimline/mainframe/fret cut)

lens type difference led

Additional Information:
Constant current technology enables this led light module to produce constant flicker free lighting for those applications that demand a "fit and forget" approach. IP68 allows installation in dusty, sub zero and wet environments without having any impact on the quality of light or long term reliability.

Technical Features:

Cool White 8000k
Constant current drive
Constant Luminosity to 50 modules in series
Reverse current protection
Long life  (typical 50,000 hours)
150° Light beam angle
IP68 (Dust Protection, Waterproof Submersible)

amc lens dimension

7 Year Warranty
(CE, UL Certified)

  • Recommended Letter / Lightbox Depth Minimum 50mm Maximum 200mm
    Operating Temp. Range -20 ~ + 60 Celsius
    LED Chip LG Innotek
    Colour Temperature (K) 8000
    No. Diodes per Module 3
    Flux (lm) 58
    Efficiency (lumen per watt) 80lm / 1W
    Dimension L x W x H mm 72 x 17 x 8.4mm
    Wire Length (in between modules) 114mm
    Light Angle Range 120
    Weight 10g
    Voltage 12v
    Technology Constant Current
    Module Power / Current 0.72W / 60mA
    Max. No. Modules per Chain 50
    Typical Lifespan (Hours) 50000
    IP (Protection) IP68
    Warranty (Years) 7
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