Citi LENS Warm White 4000K



Citi LENS 4000K Warm White Features

3 Chip, 0.72W, 0.60mA, 12VDc

Supplied in 50 modules per tray, for easy stock taking

 eco lens led module package tray

Other Variants:

3 Chip, 0.72W Modules:
White 6500K  Cool White 8000K RedGreenBlue

2 Chip, 0.5W Modules:
White 6500K  Cool White 8000K  Red, Green, Blue

White Colour Temperature Scale:

Colour temperature scale

Knowledge Base Tip:

The colour you see on your computer screen will differ to the actual colour temperature produced by our modules. A natural looking lighting source for illuminating colourful images would be approximately 6500K. Cooler whites such as 8000K or 9500K are mostly used in builtup letters where ultra bright whites are more desirable. If you are fabricating using coloured/tinted acrlyic for the faces of builtup letters we recommend using a module with a similar colour as the face material to ensure the face is vivid and not "washed out". Conversley by using cool white modules to illuminate faces which are coloured/tinted, you are effectively changing the colour temperatue of the illuminant material which will result in a "washed out" face.



5 Year Warranty


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  • LED Chip Manufacturer LG Innotek
    Light Beam Angle 150
    Flux (lm) 60
    Efficiency (lumen per watt) 83
    Input Voltage 12v
    Power / Current 0.72W / 60mA
    Maximum Modules per Circuit 50
    Interconnect Wire Length (mm) 120
    Dimension L x W x H mm 72x17x9.6
    IP (Protection) IP68
    Typical Lifespan (Hours) 50000
    Weight 10g
    Sign Letter / Lightbox Depth 60 to 120mm
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